29 Sep 2021

Bandari Magazine August 2020

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31 Mar 2020

MPNCCC Newsletter - Issue 1 - January - March 2020

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05 Oct 2021

Outcome of a field visit exercise to monitor implementation progress of the Mombasa Port and Northern Corridor Community Charter

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16 Mar 2021

TMEA Annual Report 2019-2020

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13 May 2020

Recommendations from Transport Observatory Reports Issue No 1 to Issue No 14

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31 Dec 2020

Survey Gatumba-Rubavu Goma-Rusumo and JBC Final Report

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16th June 2022


06th August 2021

The Mombasa Port & Northern Corridor Community Charter

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17th August 2022

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08th August 2022

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03rd August 2022

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02nd August 2022

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01st August 2022

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28th July 2022

KRC stakeholders (30th Mar - 05th April 2022)

30th March 2022

KRC stakeholders ( 16th-22nd Mar 2022)

16th March 2022

ICD WEEKLY POWERPOINT PRESENTATION (15th March 2022 to 22th March 2022)

15th March 2022

ICD WEEKLY POWERPOINT PRESENTATION (15th March 2022 to 22th March2022)

15th March 2022

KEBS Weekly Performance Report (23rd March 2022)

23rd March 2022


23rd February 2022


  • What is the Mombasa Port and Northern Corridor Community Charter?

    It is a permanent framework of collaboration that binds the port community to specific actions, collective obligations, targets and time lines.

  • When was the Mombasa Port and Northern Corridor Community Charter launched or created?

    30th June 2014.

  • What was the rationale of creation for the Charter?

    Deviate away from "silo mentality” and establish mechanism for discussions, negotiations, and joint planning between stakeholders and port community to reduce transport costs and logistics inefficiencies.

  • Who are the members of the Charter and how many?

    The Mombasa Port and Northern Corridor business community that includes cargo interveners and inspectors, logistics service providers, shippers, trade and commerce associations, regulators, policy oversight, civil society, regional economic communities and development partners. At inaugural there were 25, but currently 54 members.

  • What are strategic goals of the Charter set to be achieved?

    Efficient and effective cargo inspection, verification and clearance processes; globally competitive logistics services; and quality primary infrastructure and its related ICT

  • Where is the Charter Secretariat housed or hosted?

    The Kenya Maritime Authority

  • Which is the highest organ of the Charter?

    Port Community Plenary

  • Which principles are promoted throughout the Charter?

    inclusivity, equality of stakeholders, effective and efficient communications, ethics, continuously collect stakeholder feedback, private public partnership, transparency, focus on outcomes, champions and sustainability.

  • Who is the current chair of MPNCCC Steering Committee?

     Mr. Gilbert Langat, the current CEO of Kenya Shippers Council