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She whispered something and followed him quickly. Looking at He Hongxun's face again, he suddenly sank.

"Is that you?" Xia Zhiyu also recognized her, and when he opened his mouth, his tone seemed a little sharp: "Can't you be steady? How can you drive a car and walk in such a hurry to be reincarnated?" The first complaint of the villain was already very unpleasant, and the tone of the reprimand made the arrogant He Xi even more angry. She straightened up and sneered in a defiant tone, "I'm just a flustered person. If you don't like it, avoid it. You can't afford to be hurt!" Xia Zhiyu slightly picks the lip angle, in the expression the disdain even exquisite makeup makeup all cannot conceal, "is I cannot afford to hurt, or you I cannot afford to offend?!" He Xi is not a naturally good-tempered person. She has always adhered to the golden rule of "I will not attack unless I am attacked. If I am attacked, I will be courteous. If I am attacked again, I will be eradicated.". In the face of Xia Zhiyu's tit for tat, she paused for a moment, smiling on her lips, but her eyes were cold: "If I say both, what can you do?" "That's domineering!" Xia Zhiyu cold hum, eyes silent effort, "I remind you not to be too arrogant." Bossy? Good, good! Knowing that he should not cause trouble at this moment, he Xi suddenly found himself unable to calm down. As a result, Xia Zhiyu's words were interrupted by her seemingly absent chuckle. Remind The landing point of his eyes was Xia Zhiyu's bright face. He Xi's voice spread out in the air. She uttered three words slowly and coldly: "You deserve it, too!" With such a voice, how can we not provoke a war? Finally,Adhesive fish ruler, Xia Zhiyu took the lead in taking off the mask of kindness, completely forgetting that there are rules that absolutely can not fight in the place. She suddenly turned around and shook out her clenched hand. This fight is unavoidable after all! He Xi thought so, at the moment of Xia Zhiyu's punch, he stepped to her left side and quickly raised his right hand to try to clasp her wrist. Between the movements, there is a kind of professional neatness. Xia Zhiyu immediately guessed her trick and quickly stopped, so that He Xi's fingertips only touched the back of his opponent's hand. Then, he Xi turned passive into active, quickly lifted his leg and kicked Xia Zhiyu's forearm,Walking tape measure, so fast that people could not stop. She was wearing lace-up women's military boots, and Xia Zhiyu's arm was kicked badly. Cold eyes shot out cold light, Xia Zhiyu quickly approached forward, left hand quickly oblique upward punch. He Xi leaned back to avoid her attack with her head as the target, but unexpectedly her calf was kicked by the other side, so strong that she could not stand steadily, and stumbled into the waitress who came with the tray. Hearing the sound of broken glass, He Xi's eyes suddenly turned cold, and there was a dangerous breath in the clear pupil. Holding the waiter who was hit and staggered with one hand, He Xi quickly retreated, but when Xia Zhiyu attacked again, he grabbed his opponent's wrist, and then folded his hands down at the same time. The consequences of this fold can be light or heavy, if it is a real fight or replaced by a man, Xia Zhiyu's hand may be broken, but fortunately, Wheel tape measure ,Fish measuring board, He Xi did not intend to hurt her, just a little force with a slight punishment. But as proud as Xia Zhiyu, she did not show mercy. She pulled out her hand and attacked unceremoniously, pressing forward step by step and making fierce moves. Not wanting to attract attention, He Xi stepped back and tried to stay as far away from the banquet hall as possible. But when he was retreating, Xia Zhiyu found the opportunity. Seeing that she suddenly came out of the air and kicked and swept over, He Xi instinctively leaned back, only to step on the edge of the steps. At the moment when she lost her balance, she only had time to grasp the handrail of the stairs with one hand, and there was no way to avoid Xia Zhiyu's attack. Their fight has actually alarmed the crowd, he Heng got up and looked over, he Hongxun has hurried out. However, without waiting for him to make a move, a powerful arm suddenly appeared from the waist of the backward He Xi, and the leg that Xia Zhiyu would kick on her shoulder in the next second was also firmly opened. The voice was not high, but it was particularly clear and powerful after the male voice itself sounded. He Xi heard him say: "Don't look at the monk's face, look at the Buddha's face, smash the field and pick a place." Not the expected pain, but also surrounded by a strong male breath, He Xi was distracted for a moment and subconsciously slanted his head. The soft light shines on the man's chiseled face, and the courage between the eyebrows makes the handsome appearance contain infinite and restrained strength, which is exclusive to the military temperament. He Xi's facial features lingered carefully with his eyes, and Li Xing asked in a soft tone, "Didn't you hurt anything?" Obviously, his previous words with the meaning of questioning were said to Xia Zhiyu. Not knowing whether he was not adapted to the change of his tone or was surprised, he Xi did not speak with a palpitation. He Hongxun was relieved to see that his younger sister was unharmed. With a slight cough, he greeted Li Xing with a smile: "Coming." Withdrawing his eyes and holding his hand around He Xi's waist, Li Xing softened his cold and hard facial lines and replied in a deep voice, "The regimental commander and the political commissar can't catch up with the division headquarters. Send me as a representative to congratulate them." He Hongxun nodded and introduced the two men with a half-smile: "The chief of staff of the regiment, my cousin He Xi." Looking at his eyes, which were as quiet as a pool of water, He Xi said coldly, "I've heard so much about you!" Li Xing looked at her in silence, with clear pupils. Seeing this, He Hongxun frowned slightly and looked at Xia Zhiyu again. He asked doubtfully, "What's wrong with Zhiyu? There was a misunderstanding with my younger sister."? Where is Ye Yi? He didn't come? Xia Zhiyu smiled slightly, and when he opened his mouth, his voice had warmed up: "Cousin led the troops to training. Let me come over and apologize to Deputy Colonel He and congratulate him." Looking at He Xi, she said apologetically, "It should be a misunderstanding. I'm really sorry." "Misunderstanding is good." He Hongxun motioned to He Xi with his eyes: "Xiao Qi." "Misunderstanding?" After a slight pause, He Xi picked up the corners of his lips and uttered five words slowly and coldly: "Then I'm not sorry!" Medium cooked 03 An unfriendly word made the atmosphere freeze in an instant and silence everywhere. For a moment, He Xi forced himself to restrain his emotions under the puzzled eyes of the crowd, and turned out a smile, "It's all right, it's not robbing the bride, the wedding continues." Then he turned to He Hongxun and said, "Brother, I'm going to the bathroom." Seeing him nod, she brushed past Li Xing. Seeing her indifference under the light wind,Walking measuring wheel, she lowered her eyes. He Yayan heard the sound and followed him. As a doctor in the army hospital, she noticed that something was wrong with He Xi. She quietly pulled the hem of her brother's clothes. She whispered something and followed him quickly. Looking at He Hongxun's face again, he suddenly sank. tapemeasure.net