Increasing the amount of chemistry in your FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is an easy process

Individual player chemistry and team chemistry can both be improved in the same way, with a variety of factors contributing to either raising or lowering their ratings

Individual player chemistry and team chemistry can both be improved in the same way, with a variety of factors contributing to either raising or lowering their ratings. Ideally, you should aim for 10 and 100 in both categories if you want to achieve the best possible results; however, it's worth noting that Individual Chemistry is more important than Team Chemistry when it comes to calculating the overall score.

Following these steps will help you improve Chemistry in FIFA 22:

A player's position will be indicated by the color of their card, which will be red, yellow, or green depending on the color of their card. Their position is completely out of position, which has a negative impact on both player and team chemistry when they are in red. Cheap FIFA 22 Coins is indicated by the color yellow that they are partially out of position, which has a negative impact on Player and Team Chemistry. Green indicates that they are in their preferred position, which aids in the development of Player and Team Chemistry as a result of their placement.

Links between players are indicated by colored lines that connect them, and they will appear as red, yellow, or green if they are re-established. Instead of the two linked players' respective clubs, leagues, or nationalities, the color of the link is determined by what the two linked players have in common (aside from their respective nationalities). The color red represents the absence of anything in common, which results in a decrease in both Player and Team Chemistry over time. Yellow has one thing in common with all other colors: FUT 22 Coins encourages the development of player and team chemistry. Important to note is that this is not the same as the result of a yellow player position indicator being activated. Green indicates the presence of two or more characteristics that are shared, resulting in a greater increase in Player and Team Chemistry than when the colors yellow and red are used together. In reality, the outcome is determined by all of the links from a player: in the example above, consider red to be -1, yellow to be +1, and green to be +2 in terms of the outcome. After adding up all of the links, you'll want to come out on the positive side for that player in order to reap the benefits of their Chemistry bonus.


Player and team chemistry are influenced by the nationality and league of the manager (but not the club), in the same way that player links are influenced by the club's nationality and division. Chemistry is awarded to each player who has a connection to the manager, whether Cheap FIFA 22 Coins be through participation in the same league or having the same nationality. This connection will be indicated by a small green Tie icon on their card.

Playing Time - Players who have played in 10 or more matches for your Club will receive a loyalty bonus, which will increase their Player Chemistry by one point. That they are in this category is indicated by the green shield icon on their business card.

The fact that all of these factors influence both team and individual player chemistry does not preclude a player from having high Team Chemistry while having lower Individual Player chemistry for the same player, and vice versa. Something to keep in mind is the fact that

For example, while FUT 22 Coins only takes a full set of yellow links between players to reach 100 Team Chemistry, adding in some green links means you could put a goalkeeper in your starting lineup and still reach the 100 mark with relative ease. This is because the amount of Team Chemistry you'll generate from the factors listed above can add up to significantly more than 100, making Cheap FIFA 22 Coins possible to reach the 100 mark with relative ease.

It is similar to this in that you can get away with having several red links on your teamsheet as long as you have enough greens and yellows to make up for the difference in reds and yellows. As a result, players in the community have created their own challenge by attempting to obtain NLW teams, also known as "No Links Wasted" teams, where each player has exactly 9 Player Chemistry - no more, no less - and that can be tipped over to 10 by adding a manager or a loyalty bonus, for example,

Finally, a word on the subject of substituting players in FIFA Ultimate TeamAfter receiving feedback on a forum post, EA Sports clarified that substitute players are not affected by the normal Individual Player Chemistry factors mentioned above. A flat Individual Chemistry rating of 5 out of 10 is instead assigned to all substitutes, resulting in a maximum score of 62.5 out of 100 when their concealed Overall Chemistry stat is entered into the formula above. A Team Chemistry score that is lower than 100 will, of course, result in a lower overall score that is even lower.

FUT 22 Coins follows that substitutions are free to move between positions, for example, your LW Ronaldo can be used as a ST, without their Chemistry rating being affected in any way. They are instead only influenced by Team Chemistry, which is calculated before the match begins and does not change as a result of substitutions, formations, or other team management changes that occur during the course of the match (as previously stated).

FIFA Coins also implies that the amount by which their Attributes can be increased by Chemistry Styles has a hard limit, which is consistent with previous statements. The Finishing Attribute of Cristiano Ronaldo will be increased by only 4 points (rounded up from 3.75), out of a possible maximum of 15 points, when the 62.5 Overall Chemistry is entered into the formula above. As a whole, substitutes are great for bringing in players who would otherwise have poor Chemistry, such as those from a different league, but they will never be as effective as they would be if they had started with full Chemistry.