A .The Signatories (Parties to the Charter)

The list of signatories to the Charter was developed following a comprehensive and robust analysis of potential Charter stakeholders. The analysis determined the influence and interest of each stakeholder, taking account of the critical role and responsibility of the signatories to the Charter.

The signatories are organised into eight sub-categories, depending on the nature of their responsibilities on the Charter:

  1. Logistics service providers
  2. Cargo interveners and inspectors
  3. Shippers (traders, consigners, consignees, importers and exporters)
  4. Regulators
  5. Policy and oversight
  6. Trade and commerce associations
  7. Associate parties
  8. Development agencies and other coordination and cooperation mechanisms.
Cargo Interveners and Inspectors
  • Cargo interveners and inspectors
  • Civil society
  • Development agencies and other development coordination mechanisms
  • Logistics service providers
  • Policy and oversight vi. Regulators
  • Shippers
  • Trade and commerce associations
Civil Society
  • East Africa Civil Society Organisations’ Forum (EACSOF)
  • Mombasa Port Civil Society Network
  • Women in the Maritime Sector in Eastern and Southern Africa – (WOMESA)
Regional Economic Communities & Development Partners
  • Inter-governmental Standing Committee on Shipping (ISCOS)
  • Northern Corridor Transit and Transport Coordination Authority (NCTTCA)
  • TradeMark East Africa (TMEA)
Logistics Service Providers


B. Admission of New Signatories
The Steering Committee may consider inclusion of new signatories whose involvement shall bring a positive contribution to achievement of the Charter’s objectives and targets.

C. Cessation
Any party to this Charter may cease to be a member only if they have no role to play in the Mombasa Port and Northern Corridor Community Charter.

D. Associate Parties
Associate status on the Charter shall be open upon nomination by the signatories and shall be open to institutions that have expressed their readiness and have the capacity to make practical and valuable contributions in advancing the Charter’s programmes. Associate status may be granted, suspended or terminated by the Steering Committee and will be communicated in writing.

Policy and Oversight
Trade and Commerce Associations