A National Trade Facilitation Committee

The National Trade Facilitation Committee is a high- level national trade facilitation engagement mechanism. The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Cooperatives in pursuing its mandate contained in the Executive Order issued by the Presidency, established the National Trade Facilitation Committee (NTFC), whose main mandate and functions are:

  • Establishing links with the Trade Facilitation Committee of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) for purposes of exchanging information, including participating in its meetings from time to time
  • Formulating a domestic coordination mechanism for the implementation of the TFA
  • Developing procedures for sharing with members’, relevant information and best practices as appropriate
  • Maintaining closer contact with international organisations in the field of trade facilitation such as the World Customs Organisation, with the objective of securing the best available advice for implementation and administration of the Trade Facilitation Agreement.

B State Department of Transport

The State Department of Transport is responsible for overseeing road safety, civil aviation, maritime transport, rail transport, developing government transport policy, organising public transport, and the maintenance and construction of infrastructure projects.

C Think Tank

The Mombasa Port and Northern Corridor Community Charter Think Tank is convened by the KMA on an ad hoc basis to mobilise expertise and ideas to influence the policy-making process that would impact the efficiency, effectiveness and competitiveness of the Mombasa Port and Northern Corridor. The Think Tank also serves as an important catalyst for ideas and action.

The Think Tank equips the Charter with the ability to capture the political imagination by brokering ideas, stimulating public debate, and offering creative yet practical solutions to tackle the Mombasa   Port and Northern Corridor’s most pressing problems.

The Think Tank also plays a role in helping to set the policy agenda. These policy processes are expected to culminate in important decisions that will shape the course of action on issues.

The Think Tank shall support the Steering Committee at times when the Committee is struggling to develop an effective response to challenges faced in the port and the corridor, by bringing practical and feasible options that tackle these issues.

Outputs from the Think Tank are channelled to the Steering Committee for consideration.

D KEPSA Presidential Round Table

The Charter will work closely with the Presidential Round Table as a means of engaging with the Head of State on issues that require the President’s direct intervention as Head of State.

The Presidential Round Table resolutions and commitments are cascaded down to the respective implementing ministries and other arms of government.

E Friday Stakeholder Forum

The Friday stakeholder forum meets each Friday at the port and the members are drawn from the Mombasa port community actors to address day-to-day challenges that affect operational challenges. It is chaired by the KPA Managing Director.